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Brookside provides exceptional and sustainable landscaping services to a wide range of commercial and residential properties. Our employees have a combined 25 years of experience in the field and we bring all our unique talents to every job. Brookside is constantly striving to bring sustainable practices to our work. See our services for more information.

Quality landscaping is just a phone call away! Contact Brookside today to change the face of your property.

Sustainable Landscaping

Brookside strives to follow the mantra of People, Process, Product: always have the best people employed, maintain a well-founded process that will always meet clients’ needs, and, above all, produce a product that is second to none. Each day, every member of the Brookside team undertakes the task of bringing their very best and we are tirelessly working towards bettering ourselves in every aspect. Although Brookside is newly established, having begun accepting clients in 2016, there is a combined 25 years of experience in landscaping being brought to the table. This has enabled us to get off the ground running from the beginning and continue to gain momentum as we move into our next projects.


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Our Projects

Brookside Landscape Design services all of Kitsap County. Here's a selection of projects from the local area.

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